A Teal Swan Masterpost: The Spiritual Catalyst Exposed

Her Past

Teal either lied about traveling to and living in eight different countries by the age of 20, or she lied about enduring 13 years of ritual abuse. (Or she lied about both.) In the bio on Teal’s old website from early 2005, she claims to have lived in or travelled to New Zealand, Fiji, Rarotonga, Paris, Tokyo, Milan, Mexico, and Tahiti. Teal now alleges that she escaped from her abuser at age 19, just over one year before her website was launched. She has made no mention of these trips since becoming a spiritual teacher. (Correction: Teal’s official bio states, “Modelling [sic] trips were the only trips [Teal’s abuser] condoned Teal taking because she would pay him if she made any money at it.” However, she has not mentioned living in any of the specific locations listed above, and the idea that she took frequent breaks from severe satanic abuse in order to travel the world strains credulity.)

In 2011, Teal’s associate Blake Dyer assumed false identities to promote Teal online. He posed as a journalist named “Jason Freedman” to write this article about Teal and this letter to the editor of the Herald Journal. He appears to have posted under other pseudonyms, too, as you can see here. (For proof that Freedman is 13606841_1752610525022230_7710823449028952611_nactually Blake, go here and search “Jason Freedman.”)

In 2004, Teal wrote a loving letter full of sensitive, personal information to the man she would later accuse of abuse. In this letter, she told her alleged abuser that she loved and missed him, and provided him with her phone number, her PO Box, the city and neighborhood in which she was living, and the color of her house. (Search page for “the letter.”)

In that letter, Teal also lied that she would soon be appearing in Playboy (a claim that also appears here), and that she had finished fourth in a national skiing competition. Both of these claims are false. (Search for “iplayboy” and “fifth.”)

Teal’s abuse claims contain misinformation about the Mormon religion. According to Teal, she was targeted by a Mormon cult as a child because she was exhibiting psychic and healing abilities. She claims that these skills were perceived as gifts of priesthood,  which, according to the Mormon faith, should only be exhibited by men. According to the Encyclopedia of Mormonism, this is untrue.

Teal says that she distanced herself from spirituality as much as possible after escaping from her abuser and throughout her athletic career, but the evidence suggests otherwise. Her US Telemark Ski Association profile from 2006 states that she was a Wiccan high priestess and was training to be a Quantum Touch practitioner. In the “About Teal” section of her old website (2005), she lists Wicca and qigong among her personal interests. In the aforementioned letter, Teal mentions having sessions with psychics, studying color therapy, planning to attend the Berkeley Psychic Institute, and perceiving nonphysical entities.

Teal stated that, by interviewing her alleged abuser, Ethics and the Modern Guru had “ruined” her case against him, because their actions would have alerted him to the investigation. This makes absolutely no sense, as Teal has been discussing the case publicly for five years. Here is her exact comment from a May 2016 interview: “[B]y becoming really famous, I’ve developed a bunch of hate groups and they discovered the true identity of my abuser. So, they went behind my back and they did an interview with him. And so now, he knows all of what’s going on and…what he will have done is warned everybody to hide the evidence. So…the chief of police who’s in charge of the case is furious right now because it’s14045871_1771646343118648_6886369165838251090_n a ruined case, basically.” 

Ethics and the Modern Guru gave Teal and Blake an opportunity to share their side of the story by answering some questions for the publication. They did not cooperate. (Search page for “squandered.”) Their conversation with Blake can be read here (search “interview with Blake Dyer”).

Teal was the patient of a therapist who implanted false memories of Satanic ritual abuse into the mind of her sister-in-law. Barbara Snow went on voluntary probation to avoid the charges of unprofessional conduct. Proof of Teal’s association with Snow exists only in private communications, which can’t be published, but I have personally seen confirmation.

Teal claimed that, during her youth, part of her role as a cult member was to torture other children. During her Portland workshop Teal said, “Okay, so, in my childhood…[in] the cult that I was a part of, they put me in charge of mentally programming children. So I was the one that would bring them in, hook them up to electrodes, and torture them. That was my introduction to the subconscious mind.” (The comment appears at 54:30 in this video.)

Teal appears to have broken the law by putting false information on her driver’s license. In the trailer of her documentary, Blake states that the address on Teal’s license is actually the address of a police station. This is illegal. No exceptions. The trailer has since been set to private on Youtube. (Page search “driver.”)

In this blog, Teal falsely claims that she was taken by her abuser to a Blackfoot reservation in southern Idaho to participate in a peyote ceremony at age eight. There are no Blackfoot reservations in southern Idaho, most sources (though not all) agree that the Blackfoot tribe do not use peyote, and it is highly doubtful that the community would have allowed a random child to illegally partake in the ritual.

Her Teachings

Teal has plagiarized many authors. The list includes psychologist and author John Welwood, Robert Agustus Masters, the website of SOAS University of London, Dr. Joel Isaacs, an article on Recoveryranch.com, Mayo Clinic’s website, a Collective-Evolution writer named Vanessa Petronelli, Wikipedia, and the show Fullmetal Alchemist.

Teal has also plagiarized Michael Brown, author of The Presence Process and Alchemy of the Heart. The post Teal wrote defending herself against these accusations is full of half-truths and misinformation. For example, compare her vague summary of Week 9 of TPP to the section in this post titled “Core Negative Patterns.”

The section titled “Mining for Gold” in Teal’s book Shadows Before Dawn was taken from this blog post by Steve Pavlina. This is an excerpt from Pavlina’s post, and this is from Teal’s book.

It also appears that she plagiarized Abraham-Hicks, and she lied that she had never heard of their work before she began her career as a spiritual teacher. This post by “Jason Freedman” (Blake Dyer) reveals that he was aware of the similarities between their teachings all along, and even used those similarities as an opportunity to promote Teal. During her stay with Teal, Cameron discovered that she and Blake owned a set of Abraham-Hicks DVDs. (Search page for “Abraham.”)

She says that she was born “endowed with objective universal truth.” The claim appears here.

Teal’s attitude toward suicide is dangerous. Teal advised both her ex-boyfriend (known as “Fallon”) and former community member Cameron Clark to consider killing themselves. Tragically, 14034801_1769462666670349_7258762496387048474_none of Teal’s clients committed suicide in 2012. Teal later referred to the incident as “interesting.” Posts by people struggling with depression and suicidal ideation are common in Teal’s Facebook group, Teal Tribe. Despite this, it took Teal until January of 2016 to make this video and share a suicide hotline number.

Teal uses methods that have been proven to lead to false memories and confabulation. While guiding people through her processes and counseling them on stage during workshops, she has been recorded asking leading questions, using persuasive language, telling subjects how they feel and what they are perceiving, and attempting to convince them that they have repressed traumatic memories that must be recovered using her techniques. Here, she states that people “often need a bit of coaxing” from their therapists in order to recover repressed memories.

Teal has demonstrated that she is willing to cause emotional and psychological distress in her followers to advance her own agenda. Here, she instructs her viewers to relive the greatest trauma from their past in vivid detail. She then instructs them to imagine her denying that the traumatic events had never happened to them, saying, “Do you feel like you’re going crazy yet?” This comment left below the video demonstrates how cruel and psychologically damaging the exercise is.

Teal admitted that the Completion Process can lead to self-harm and suicide. The statement was made during this August 2016 webinar.

She has predicted her own assassination. In this September 2016 interview, Teal said that she was “a match to a very gruesome public murder in every single one” of her life paths.

Teal lied that she was hired to speak at the UN about the refugee crisis. In a series of comments on her Facebook page in December 2015, Teal insisted that “the Syrian refugees are not refugees.” She went on to say that she had been hired to address the UN on the subject, which was untrue.

Her Personal Life

In 2013, Teal verbally abused Cameron Clark on an episode of Shadow House. Cameron left the community and went on to share her full story.

Teal diagnosed Fallon, her then-boyfriend, as a psychopath, and announced it to her followers on Shadow House and on her blog. She publicly shamed him and made him confess all of his supposed wrongdoings to her online community.

Teal lied that she would13782256_1759466731003276_6316016445185799066_n be willing to fight for her “hater’s” right to free speech. In a May 2016 blog post, she stated that she values authenticity so highly she would even defend Cameron Clark’s legal right to criticize her. (Page search “court.”) In September 2016, Cameron received a cease and desist letter for speaking out against Teal. (1, 2, 3.) The lawyer had responded to this Teal Tribe post, and was out of jurisdiction.

According to one workshop attendee, Teal told her volunteers that Ale’s ex-wife had hired a hit man to kill her. 

Teal allegedly pressured Ale to have kambo administered through six burn marks to his face, against his will. In a March 2017 blog post, he wrote, “…I was thinking that the last thing I wanted to do in the world was to have burn marks on my forehead.  Especially seeing as I had an important upcoming business meeting in the US. I started to complain, revolt and state clearly that I did not want to do it. Teal started to experience genuine sadness and she shed a couple of tears…I accepted reluctantly to have Kambo administered to my forehead as I reminded myself that my relationship with her is so much more important than looking good.” Strangely, Ale has no residual scarring from the burns.

Teal lied about the circumstances surrounding the death of her client. In this video, Teal describes how “one of her principal haters,” Cameron, witnessed the immediate aftermath of the suicide of Teal’s client, Leslie. Teal claims that Cameron blamed her for the suicide even after witnessing Teal’s guilt and sadness in the days following her death. But Cameron didn’t meet Teal until the Santa Barbara workshop in April 2013. She moved to Utah a few weeks later. Leslie died on May 20th, 2012, almost a full year before any followers lived with Teal. (According to an actual witness, Teal’s main concern was that the death would hurt her credibility.)

* This post will be updated regularly as new information surfaces. In addition to the lovely folks whose blogs I have already credited in the links above, special thanks goes to the people of Truth Tribe who have helped piece this information together.


10 thoughts on “A Teal Swan Masterpost: The Spiritual Catalyst Exposed”

  1. All information comes from Creator God. If we are all connected and from Creator God, then nothing is “plagiarized” because we are all ONE and from the same being. We have just forgotten that we are ONE. Saying that somebody is plagiarizing from another is petty and not from Source. Information is just a tool to help us progress our Souls here on Earth. Personally, I don’t care if it comes from old school learning or modern learning. I don’t care if it is original information or so called “plagiarized” information. I am here to progress my Soul. I am not concerned about man-made terms and laws if it doesn’t benefit my Soul. If Teal has “stolen” ideas and concepts, intentionally which has lead to somebody else being harmed in some way, then that is her business which she might have to deal with through Karma. IMO, what she teaches is extremely beneficial to many. Also, the manner in which she teaches is attractive to the numbers hence her large following. In the end, it isn’t necessarily only the information which is important, but the WAY in which it is brought across, as well as how connected you feel to the person’s energy who is bringing that information across to you. I don’t think that the term “plagiarism” should be used when speaking about Spirituality as everything, especially all spiritual concepts are plagiarized from Creator God. What Teal does benefits her followers in healing themselves and that is all that is important to me. Soul growth is the only thing that matters. Everything else is just politics and petty.


    1. Hm. Maybe you’re right. Maybe all lives and all phenomena come from God, and maybe that renders concepts of ownership, fairness, and justice irrelevant. That argument is just an unfalsifiable assumption followed by a bold leap across a giant logical gap full of spiritual bypassing, but maybe it’s true.

      That would change everything! If plagiarism doesn’t matter, just imagine what implications this holds for other worldly problems. Protesting war is a huge waste of time. First of all, you can’t own land, and nations and governments and armies are illusory. Second of all, why bother speaking out when perpetrators of violence are just going to make up for their atrocities in karma anyway? In other words, everything’s a mirage, so fuck it!

      I didn’t realize that morality and fairness were antithetical to spiritual growth. The idea is kind of making my head hurt. I wonder what life on earth would look like without petty laws, the petty justice system, etc. :/

      Liked by 6 people

    2. Sorry for the sarcasm. I do appreciate you taking the time to comment. I’ve just heard this argument many times before and it has never made any sense to me, even when I was still in denial, searching for reasons to believe that Teal was good and honest, and that her plagiarism was just an innocent mistake. But it’s just not okay to me. I feel like you are implying that discernment makes a person less spiritual.

      Liked by 4 people

    3. So let’s say I put my blood, sweat and tears into writing a book, jumped through all the hoops to get it published and finally did it after years of hard work… and then here comes Teal Swan who is so arrogant and entitled that she thinks it’s okay to rip off my writing – my art.

      I seriously do not understand how anyone could justify plagiarism.

      Liked by 5 people

  2. A great summary! Some quotes from the alleged abuser wigs probably be welcome additions too!

    @Diamond Rose – you mention Karma as a mechanism for justice. As a presumed fan of Teal; surely you are aware that Teal herself has taught that Karma doesn’t really exist in this universe of free will (which I actually agree with!) Your answer is a cop-out… and if you really believe thats true and fair, don’t bother calling the police when your house gets broken-into; because Source will take action in the burglar’s next lifetime.

    As I commented on your other blog post Kate; it would be lovely to see a group Skype chat with all of Teal’s outspoken ex-friends and the alleged satanic abuser. Teal’s followers would have a much harder time dismissing it.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the replies! 🙂

      The Skype convo isn’t a bad idea, but I wonder whether Sarb, Cameron, etc. would want to revisit the topic and repeat themselves, since they’ve already written about their experiences. I’m much more comfortable writing than speaking, anyway. When I asked myself how I could be as convincing as possible, and how to present the truth about Teal in a way that her followers couldn’t dismiss, this post was the best I could come up with.

      That said, if you or anyone else who happens to read this want to hear more from people like Sarbdeep, Cameron, Lucie, etc. you’re welcome to join Truth Tribe on Facebook! Here’s the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/745725782194639/?ref=nf_target&fref=nf

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  3. […] Ok… so you’re an alien, Teal? And only YOU can save the planet from these made up creatures that wanna take it over, huh? Sounds as though you made up a problem just to deem yourself the only solution. This isn’t a new tactic. She also has a tendency to gaslight victims of trauma through her shadow work and cutesy sayings like, “What you resist persists.” Again, this is not a new idea. It seems as though Teal did some reading and decided to act as though she is Carl Jung or something. So if I am in danger, or things in my life go wrong, it’s my own fault because I’m projecting, and resisting. I should just stop and allow whoever is abusing me to continue. Sorry, I don’t buy that way of absolute thinking – surely many things are my own responsibility, but to conflate it into all things are my fault is just ridiculous victim-blaming. She forces her housemates to participate in “shadow work” which is much like an inquisition where she has them reveal their deepest fears for millions to see on youtube. There are mountains of other issues with Teal’s claims, and it’s worthwhile to look into them. […]


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