An Open Letter to Teal Tribe

Originally posted here on July 24th, 2016.
Yesterday afternoon, I was kicked out of the tribe for voicing my concerns that Teal’s healing methods could lead to False Memory Syndrome, and for linking to this article by Michael James. For those of you who never got a chance to read it, my post is below, followed by a summary of the events leading up to the removal. For those of you who already know what happened, you might want to scroll down a bit.
(A side note: A part of me cringes when I read that sentence about the woman being “unstable and delusional.” I wish I had found a gentler, more compassionate way to say that. In fact, I wish I could have made my point without sharing her story at all, but I felt it was too important. But my point is this: She is the victim here. I don’t want to sound accusatory or draw any negative attention to her. It’s about Teal and her methods.) 


(If you haven’t watched “How To Heal The Emotional Body,” you can do so here.)


I received many thoughtful comments. Naturally, some of you strongly disagreed with me for holding Teal accountable, but every single reply was respectful, and I felt that my words gave way to some wonderful conversations and insights. Knowing that I was bringing up a very controversial and emotionally charged issue, I felt pleasantly surprised and very appreciative of the overall response. Thanks, everyone! 

Yesterday morning, Teal left a few comments below my post. I replied to her soon after. Notice how she refers to Mr. James as a friend. 


I am still not sure how conflicts over the truth or falsehood of abuse memories “ruin” anything, especially when the consequences of such memories and beliefs are so serious. But, anyway. My second reply: 


Immediately after I wrote this second comment, I couldn’t view my post anymore. I realized that I had been kicked out of Teal Tribe. Wow. Why? My post was controversial, but I had been kind and polite to everyone. There hadn’t been any arguments. It happened so fast that I don’t know whether Teal even read my replies. 

Later, I found out that she had deleted the thread and made this follow-up post: 


Some things to think about…

I found Teal’s post and earlier comments very interesting, and they inspired the following ideas and questions: 

  1. Teal says she wants a constructive conversation. Why did she delete my post and remove me from her group without responding to me? I presented my thoughts to her respectfully, asked a genuine question, and I even thanked her for commenting. How has Teal demonstrated that she truly is “more than willing” to discuss challenging topics? Can you think of specific examples where she has dialogued openly and transparently with outsiders who do not necessarily share her views?
  2. When she replied to me, Teal referred to James as a friend of hers. Minutes later, she called him a hater and insisted that he was bashing her for publicity. What changed her mind? Does Teal’s follow-up post make any sense to you? How is this hateful? It doesn’t seem like James has anything personal against Teal. The article has nothing to do with her, right?
  3. Teal shared her thoughts on regression in general in response to James’ article, but she only dedicated one sentence to the anonymous woman who I believe has False Memory Syndrome. At the end of her fourth comment, Teal insisted that this woman would not be so troubled if she hadn’t been abused. (This statement isn’t visible in my screenshot. Sorry about that. The post was deleted and I was banished before I had a chance fix it.) Why didn’t Teal address this issue more clearly, or defend the role she played in the woman’s memory recoveries?
  4. Teal loves authenticity and strongly resists those who try to “censor” her, even when her words reveal private information about others and portray them in a negative light. She says that her message is never hateful and her intent is never malicious (though, I’m not sure Ale’s ex-wife and the women described here would agree). Was my post hateful or malicious? More importantly, how radical is Teal’s concept of authenticity if she is the only one in Teal Tribe to reap its full benefits? 
  5. Many people who once worked with Teal closely have fallen out with her in recent years. Cameron. Jared (“Fallon”). Sarbdeep. The couple from the Czech Republic. Michael James. (There are probably more that I’m forgetting right now.) Some of them have spoken out publicly and their stories often match. Are they haters? Are they lying?
  6. If we discover that a spiritual teacher’s techniques have caused unintended harm, if we find out that some of their methods are questionable, is it hateful to warn the community and ask for others’ opinions? Do you want to be a part of a community in which you are not allowed to warn other members about risks, danger, or unethical practices if the warning happens to wound the leader’s ego?
  7. Have you ever seen Teal admit to a mistake or offer an apology? 

Finally, I want to offer a quote from Teal’s blog, “Cult or Movement?” This is one of the ways Teal differentiates her group from a cult: 

“Questioning is encouraged; doubt is seen as normal and a healthy part of expansion…A call to discover personal truth. Dissent does not lead to punishment. People are welcomed in the group even if their opinion varies from my own or other members’.” 
Is it true? 
Thanks for reading, everyone! I hope you will consider these questions. Though I have spoken critically of Teal, I do wish her the best. It saddens me that she is so easily hurt, and that she seems to bring so much drama upon herself. 

I haven’t posted this to complain about the injustice of my removal. I no longer want to be a member of Teal Tribe, though I hope to keep in touch with many of you. I just wanted to document the incident and and share my perspective, to provide some contrast to Teal’s deflection. Many of you won’t agree with me, of course, and that’s okay. 

Be well. 
Have a wonderful day. 
And remember…

Update: Why am I blaming Teal? How serious is the risk of FMS? Who is Barbara Snow? 

I’ve realized that I haven’t backed up my claims about Teal’s methods very thoroughly. A few people who have commented in Teal’s defense seem to think that I’m jumping to conclusions and “slandering” her. For those of you who don’t feel that Teal should be held responsible, I want to say that there is no doubt in my mind that she played a major role in this. The woman I mention in my original post has stated in Teal Tribe that Teal’s advice (“What if I told you there’s a hell of a lot more you don’t remember?”) actually caused her to wonder whether a particular family member had abused her as a child. This post should still be available in the group if anyone doesn’t believe me. I have no doubt that Teal’s words affected her deeply.

We meet with spiritual teachers because we trust their guidance. We believe in their wisdom and power. As followers of Teal, we believe that she is a special soul who has overcome enormous obstacles to find happiness and stability. We believe that she can see our thoughts, our energy, and our futures. Because she tells us that she can. Of course this woman took Teal’s advice seriously. Of course Teal’s words influence her followers. Is it so wrong to expect her to use that influence carefully?

I also feel as though the people who are still defending Teal are underestimating the danger and prevalence of false memories. So, here are some resources:

  • The Problem of Leading Questions explains the risks of asking leading questions to a subject under hypnosis. Teal goes much further than asking leading questions in this video. The woman I refer to in my original post was not in a state of hypnosis or meditation while Teal was giving her advice, but Teal’s guidance was obviously intended to directly influence her conclusions about her past. 
  • Current Scientific Understandings About How False Memories Can Form, from the False Memory Syndrome Foundation.
  • Making Memories is a documentary on the dangers of Recovered Memory Therapy, a practice that appears to have a lot in common with Teal’s process. 
  • Why Recovered Memory Therapy is Bad Therapy. Some key points that I feel also apply to Teal’s methods: 
    • “Some RMT therapists over-attribute common psychological complaints as signs of forgotten childhood sexual abuse. In their zeal to find memories, these therapists overlook any and all alternative explanations for the patient’s complaints.” 
    • “RMT therapists ignore basic psychological principles that all individuals are suggestible, and that patients in distress seeking psychotherapy are particularly likely to adopt beliefs and biases of their therapist.” 
    • “Many RMT therapists have studied neither basic sciences related to memory, nor the diagnosis of actual diseases of memory. Their knowledge is often based on a single weekend seminar, as opposed to years of formal training in any graduate program they attended to get their licenses.” 
  • Recovered Memory Therapy (RMT) on 
    • “About 15 to 20% of persons with memories recovered via RMT went on to recover memory of ritual abuse and Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA)” 

One therapist named Barbara Snow allegedly implanted false memories of satanic abuse and military testing into the mind of her sister-in-law and persuaded her niece that her father had molested her, in addition to several other forms of unprofessional conduct. If the name Barbara Snow sounds familiar to you, it may be because she has already been mentioned here and here. Because Teal Swan was her patient. The fact that Snow treated Teal has been verified in private conversations, which can’t be published, unfortunately. But I am certain that Snow treated her. And it appears that she may have inspired some of Teal’s techniques.


11 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Teal Tribe”

  1. When you take advice from anybody, it should be with discernment. You know yourself better than anybody else and giving somebody else the responsibility over your life is ridiculous. You should take on that responsibility for yourself. Take advice from others if you think it suits you, but if the advice doesn’t work out, then don’t go and blame that person and expect them to take responsibility for the advice not working. YOU should be in control of your own life. Don’t blame Teal Swan if the advice she has given you doesn’t work out for you. Teal’s teaching is totally awesome but like everything, you should be willing to take on the responsibility for yourself if the advice doesn’t work out. She does what she can to help everybody, but she isn’t perfect in being able to heal everybody perfectly. Your own healing is in your own hands. Your life is your own responsibility.


    1. If you want expert psychological advice, you go to a highly educated, experienced mental health practitioner who utilizes theraputic practices which have been peer reviewed and are based on scientific methods of research.

      Barbara Snow and ‘repressed memory’ practitioners have been DISCREDITED by the scientific/psychological fields.

      The concept of ‘repressed memories’ as used here has been DISCREDITED and to continue to promote INVALID science to people in need of help is inherently DAMAGING.

      Those who are in need of mental health help are not in the mental or emotional position or have the education to discern valid psychological therapies from non-medical providers.

      IOW: if you need help, go to a professional, not a self-proclaimed mystic seeking adherents on the internet.

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    2. I love this article. Im a regular dude sober 20 years and i left a cult. See, like any preditor they or the leader slowley groom you by posts and mixing truth with distorted ideas. I gave Teal the benefit of the doubt and thought maybe the supposed abuse garbled her message until i saw her followers threaten others on posts. I had the same experience in AA. Icame close to smashing a chair over a guys head after he sucker punched me. Then i read about cultic groups in AA that the courts were sending child preditors and murderurs non alcoholics to meetings. Im a seeker of Spiritual Truth and the whole metaphysical thing. Teal alone can be arrested for doing repressive memory bull and i heard a suicide has taken place? Because of Teals suggestive mind control? But people fall for the advice it happens in phases. Look up the 13 th Step in AA by Monica Richardson. Anyway i never followed Teal and consider yourself lucky you got out or she got out of the tribe alive. Kind Regaurds Bob.


  2. The writer of this article assumes Teal isn’t psychic. Not only can people be psychic themselves, but some connect to higher-level beings (like Brad Johnson / Adronis who then pass them information on a client’s past etc.. that the client may have even repressed.

    Your own ignorance regarding this universal truth has created this whole situation in your head.. that Teal was trying to MANUFACTURE shadows within the lady. All humans have a massively psychic Spirit_Body.. which you move seamlessly to EVERY SINGLE night of your life during sleep. (and permanently upon death)

    That’s HOW ironic this is. You are psychic EVERY NIGHT yourself. yet create this whole issue out of the implicit (erroneous) premise that Teal did not simply read her past/energy field. She is NOT the only one who can do this.

    I have had this done multiple times on readings I didn’t even ask or request – but was given for free (by Brad Johnson, in fact) Both readings, one regarding past events.. and one regarding future, were and turned out to be totally correct.

    You will not benefit from raising this concern falsely. Nothing escapes universal understanding and rebound.
    It’s LITERALLY how the future is created.. from the intent and energy of your current actions. This one is misguided and harmful.
    Peace 🙂

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  3. This was very well written and I am thankful to you all to alerting me to someone who is clearly lying about so much. This article was further elucidating. I was the manager of one of the most popular UFO speakers for five years. While the person I worked for was in integrity, *SO VERY MANY* people in this field need to be exposed for their serious lies and stealing from their audience who think the money is going to say develop free energy for instance.


  4. I am so proud of Teal Swan to face those trying to stay in old 3D energy of jealousy. I hope she continues to “wake up” people that think their old way of slander will continue for much longer!!!


  5. I am grateful I found this article. It is sad to see Teal acting like a bitch. If you want to help people, then don’t impose on them your subjective beliefs. And yeah we have choice whether we want to take advice or not, but in time of distress people just hope they find someone who genuinely wants to help and doesn’t do all that just for a career and followers.


  6. Someone in the so called spiritual field recently made a YouTube video about Teal and I was googling to see how many of the allegations are true, because I have watched Teal’s vids for a few months now and honestly I learned a lot, while also using discernment, of course. And I found your blog. The part that strikes me the most is the part in her post where she basically forbids people to question or challenge her methods and authority. Which is a problem with every single self proclaimed spiritual teacher or guru that I have personally interacted with. They absolutely want to have authority and control over their followers. “Why are you questioning me, don’t question my ways” , or “You just don’t understand me”. To be a spiritual teacher means also willing to be a student yourself at the same time, because you learn as long as you live. Otherwise you come from a place of ego…


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